What the COED Staff Would’ve Been Doing 100 Years Ago

See those guys? They’re painters hanging out on the Brooklyn Bridge back in 1914. Yeah, that would’ve been us back in the good ol’ days–as chronicled in some amazing unseen photos dug out from New York City’s Department of Records. Your pals at COED would’ve fit right in walking the high wires and building the cityscape that is now our home. Of course, nowadays there’s nothing more manly than covering breaking news involving swimsuit models and random Kardashians. We look forward to telling our grandchildren about the time that we nearly poked our eye out with the straw in our whisky sour while chatting with Wiz Khalifa in the VIP Lounge. By the way, you may notice that the link here to all these amazing old photos is to a newspaper in London. That’s because NYC newspapers don’t want to make people feel bad because they’re not daring construction workers or bloggers. NYC is a very sensitive town.

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