Which License is More Offensive: F.OSAMA or VIBE R8R?

Virginia resident, Rick Sanders, has a beef to pick with the Department of Motor Vehicles. For the past seven years he’s been sporting the license plates: F.OSAMA. The DMV decided to revoke Mr. Sanders’ plates for being too offensive (and not because Osama bin Laden is dead – making the plates very dated). His defense: “The plates make a patriotic statement.”

But what really got Sanders’ panties in bundle; the DMV-issued replacement plates which read: “6668UP.” Holy Satan! Every Judas Priest fan knows that “666” is the sign of the devil. Was the DMV f-ing with this patriot – who simply wanted to F Osama? Phonetically, the plates read: “The devil ate you up.”

Are license plates that read F.OSAMA really that offensive? Let’s take a COED look at some other license plates on the road – that might raise eyebrows.

Sure, F.OSAMA might get the DMV in a tizzy, but have they ever considered the implications of the following?:

I’m pretty sure this is a non-subtle reference to a woman’s who-ha. (Okay, it’s not very subtle at all.) If a guy put this license plate on his car, he’s pretty much saying, “I never want to get laid again.”

The driver’s  intentional was probably in the right place, but he got the execution all wrong. Either he is trying to say that Jesus is number 1, or this car owner is proclaiming a new title he’s procured by taking on a large quantity of protein.

This license plate isn’t really offensive – unless you are anti-cannibalism.

What’s your favorite offensive license plate? Let you go friends at COED know in our comment section – and we will give you a big hug.

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