Post Modern YouTube Avant-Garde Cinema: Goo-Goo GaGa

From time to time, we at COED salute avant-garde filmmakers whose work is so far ahead of its time…that they have gotten less than 50 views on YouTube. This is the true underground of filmmaking. These directors aren’t after fame or big box office success – they do their cinematic craft simply for the love of the art.


DIRECTOR: shiroldsho

Okay, for maximum enjoyment, forget for a moment that this video is of a family gathering and instead is set in a mental hospital. Now sit back and enjoy the video. shiroldsho’s work, Goo-Goo GaGa, brings to mind the 80’s experimental work of Jim Jarmusch or Fellini’s 8 1/2.


Filmed in one static shot, Goo-Goo GaGa creates a carnival of characters – that we wont soon forget. The neorealism of Goo-Goo GaGa points the camera, not at the characters attending a party, but…AT OURSELVES! We look for future film projects from shiroldsho.

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