Who Should Be Miss COED April 2012? [POLL]

Turn off your phones, your lights, and your girlfriend because it’s time to vote for Miss COED April 2012. This past month, just like every month, the hottest models from across the world have submitted themselves to be your Miss COEDs. All that they ask is that you check them out, then vote for your favorite one in the poll at the bottom of the post. As is always the case, the winner you guys choose to be Miss COED April 2012 wins an automatic bid to the final vote for Miss COED of the Year. Don’t let your favorite girls down by voting at the bottom.

If you need a quick “refresher” as to what each girl looks like, click their photos to see their original Miss COED profiles.

Left to right: Nichole B, Kortnie O’Connor, Niki Oh

Left to right: Samantha Carpenter, Kristie McKeon, Joy Mutuku

Left to right: Kindly Meyers, Kay De Courval, Hailey Peep

Left to right: Danie Kara Zheng, Marie Blanchard, Dujonette Smith

Left to right: Lauren Ashlee Boyette, Taylor Chatley, Maya T

Left to right: Shawn Hektor, Jessica Alonso, Kristen Gargon

Left to right: Mallory Morey, Csira Rose, Noelle Diaz

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Miss COED March 2012 Is…
Miss COED March 2012 Is…