What the Right And Left Should Agree Upon: Moment of Clarity [VIDEO]

The news media wants us to believe there’s a war between the politically Right and Left of this country. Pundit shows bait the two parties against each other – like a political cockfight where only one contendor can emerge victorious. (Why can’t we all just get along!?) The world issues aren’t always black and white; it’s not always a battle between good and evil or Coke vs. Pepsi. But don’t tell that to the good folks at FOX News or MSNBC. [photo by Dhaka Courier]

Comedian Lee Camp examines this phenomenon in his weekly Moment of Clarity. What ever your stance might be on the death penalty – we can all stand against the death of an innocent man. Right? The same holds true with this week’s Occupy Wall Street’s May Day protest. Whether you’re for the movement or against it – you should demand Occupy’s freedom of speech because it effects your rights too.

Lee sinks his teeth into Occupy, along with the Michigan’s emergency manager law, and more importantly, why pen tops should taste like candy. Watch and learn:


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