Women’s Pillow Fight League: Let the Feathers Fly

Who doesn’t love a big, strong women who can kick some major ass? First off: This is not your average slumber party. (Or it is if your average slumber party involves women beating the crap out of each other with sleeping-headrest- implements.) What if you took the Suicide Girls (not pictured above), put pillows in their lovely hands, then had these tattooed maidens swing it out in an arena – TO THE DEATH! (Okay, I lied about the death part/stand positive on the swinging pillow part.)

Where do you find this head-thumping, feather-flying action? Welcome to Bedlam: All-Girl Pillow Fight Review – one of Canada’s numerous femme pillow fight leagues. [photo courtesy of Angelique Ashton]
Women’s pillow fight competition has taken off for our little buddies to the north. Best described as a cross between WWE and women kicking the sh*t out of each other – women’s pillow fight events attract crowds over 200 – who come to the events to drink beer, shout obscenities, and root for such costumed, pillow fight female favorites as Lovely Handles, Stella Lugosi, and Charley Davidson.

Will female pillow fighting replace hockey as Canada’s national sport? Check out the pics and decide…

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