Film Critics Collide: THE AVENGERS and…Well, That’s About It

Who dares to take on the mighty Avengers? As it turns out, pretty much nobody. There aren’t any other major movies coming out today. The only other interesting release is LOL, starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore–which is making the news because it’s playing seven cities before getting the bum’s rush to DVD. A nice little thriller called Mother’s Day is also finally playing a few screens after years on the shelf. The critics only care about The Avengers, though. The reviews seem overwhelmingly positive, too, but we’ve chosen four critics to battle it out:

Super! Lisa Kennedy @ Denver Post       Bad! Rick Groen @ Globe and Mail

Awesome! James Verniere @ Boston Herald       Awful! Andrew O’Hehir @

[image bug via astudio / shutterstock]

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