COED Jukebox: THOR (Not Affiliated With The Avengers) [VIDEO]

Want some music to rev up your Sunday? Well, it’s too bad that we’ve already posted that Soundgarden video for The Avengers movie. What we have here is Jon Mikl Thor, who looked really uncool when he emerged in 1977 as Canada’s hottest bodybuilder/heavy metal vocalist. Rock critics of all ages–whether they preferred Led Zeppelin or The Ramones–came together to mock poor Jon Mikl. At least this video make it look like his band was having fun. Thor had the last laugh, anyway. He made a minor comeback performing with punk rockers in the ’90s, and now he’s a hero to Canadians as the man who revived the┬áVancouver Millionaires hockey franchise. He’ll probably be on Canadian currency someday. And when you’re done rocking, check out Thor’s hot-water bottle trick:


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