Cambridge Students Caught With Their Pants Down In Caesarian Sunday [11 PHOTOS + VIDEO]

If you couldn’t find a reason to party this past weekend, you need to re-evaluate your life ASAP because even the posh students at Cambridge were able to throw an absolute slosher. Their fancy-pants celebration was in honor of the beginning of the Summer Semester, otherwise known as Caesarian Sunday. As is tradition, the students annually flock to Jesus Green (a public park) to get absolutely hammered in some of the most ingenious ways imaginable.

The reports say that female students could be seen drinking shots out of condoms, men were drinking while being held upside-down, and both parties were seen “acting out sexual positions, while male students chanted and ran around with their trousers round their ankles.” I seriously couldn’t come up with better text if I wrote it myself.

Yet another quote from the Daily Mail that requires a reprint, “One team, wearing make-shift togas, marched behind a pig’s head on a stake as they headed to battle.” Caesarian Sunday truthfully looks like a lot of fun, but apparently it pales in comparison to Suicide Sunday — the celebration of the end of Summer Exams. If you need to watch more of Caesarian Sunday debauchery then YOU NEED THIS F*CKING VIDEO IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. There are also some photos below.

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