Meet The Wachowski Sister (Formerly the Guy Who Directed THE MATRIX) [VIDEO]

He’s a mere director, so there wasn’t much scandal when Larry Wachowski–who, along with his brother Andy, directed The Matrix films–decided to have a sex change. Nobody even got excited over how Larry was becoming Lana as part of his S/M relationship with his mistress. That’s cool. Lana’s made enough money to indulge her personal needs or sexual kinks. Nobody’s seen much of Lana, though. She kept a low profile when the Wachowskis bombed (maybe unfairly) with 2008’s Speed Racer. Now there’s new footage of Lana in a documentary that Keanu Reeves put together about Hollywood’s transition from shooting on film to digital. Lana knows about transition, of course, and it’s certainly nice to see her in front of the camera again [h/t: hollywood-elsewhere]:


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