Red Bull Is Turning Your Crazy Idea Into Reality

Do you want to wing suit off Mount Everest? Ride a unicycle down a steep hill? Ice skate on the moon? As we have seen time and time again Red Bull has deep pockets and can turn the most insane ideas into reality. That is why they are calling for internet users across America to submit your own amazing idea (no matter how crazy) and Red Bull is going to make one of them happen through their new Launchpad program. As long as you’re at elates 18 years old check out Red Bull Launchpad, watch videos that have already been submitted to get an idea of what competition looks like, create 30 second (or less) video explaining your crazy idea and upload video via the launchpad website, then register with Facebook. Get moving on this because ideas need to be submitted by May 23 at 5PM PT. The public will vote on ten ideas, with one winning the chance to have Red Bull make their dream come true. The other nine also get awesome prizes. Contestants should encourage all their friends to vote for them.


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Bathe In The Glory That Is Sunday Funday [14 PHOTOS]
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