Ballyhoo! Talks Music, Drinking And Hot Pockets [INTERVIEW]

In an effort to gear up for the epic party that is the 311 Cruise leaving Miami on May 10th, we caught up with one of our favorite acts Ballyhoo! to talk about their music and plans to dominate the tables during their off-hours. To check out more about the 311 cruise, see our initial write-up here.

COED: First off, how did you guys decide on a name? What does it mean?

Ballyhoo: Well on our World Tour 1996, we went hiking in the Himalayas. We all know it’s a bad idea to do this without taking a Sherpa, so we took one. He did a great job getting us to the summit, where we cooked baked beans with Saracha sauce. The Saracha was too much for his stomach to handle and he died. We ended up riding his corpse safely to the bottom, where we decided we needed to pay tribute to him and name our band after him. His name was Steve. But Ballyhoo! sounded cooler, so we decided to go with that instead. And it means a big, loud, blatant expression of self promotion.

Explain the story behind landing the 311 cruise gig.

It probably began with having Chad mix the song ‘The Friend Zone’ for our record, ‘Cheers!’ Between some contacts we got a few opening slots with them in 2008 and then again in 2010. We were then invited to play their Pow Wow festival last year, and I guess our impression is staying positive because they invited us on the cruise shortly after.

Who are your influences musically?

Mix in some Sublime, 311, Incubus, Green Day, Goldfinger, Suicide Machines, with a dash of metal and punk. And there you go.

Your new CD is awesome. Do you feel you changed musically from your past cd’s?

Thanks! We think so too. The sound has definitely matured a lot, and seems to be steering more towards the rock side. The band played a lot tighter on this record as well. Incorporation of the piano and keys has really added another dimension to the sound, filling it out and allowing for piano driven songs that Howi has always wanted to play like ‘Ricochet.’

You are going to be playing at Bamboozle. Anyone playing you are really excited to see?

We’re all really stoked to see Foo Fighters! Excited to hear them play each and every one of their 324 smash hits. Heard they put on a really good live show, and from what I’ve seen on documentaries and such, we’ve heard right. Dave Grohl was a big influence on Donald’s hit-the-drums-hard-as-shit style and Howi’s song writing. Really hoping to meet him back stage just to shake his hand and say ‘Good Job!’

Warped tour is also a staple in everyone’s summer. Did you guys go as kids?

I never had a ride.


Who was the coolest band that you have ever opened up for?

The tour we did with Pepper was an absolute blast. Everyone in the band and crew were super cool with us, whether it be Yesod bringing us hot pockets or Kaleo making us Brojitos or Coach teaching us important life lessons. Lots of fun after parties. And they crushed it on stage every night.

What are you looking forward to the most on the cruise?

Representing on the Flip Cup table! That and playing our show for a ton of fans of this style music. I know we are going to have a good amount of Ballyhoo! fans on the boat already, and I think there’s going to be a good amount of fans of 311 and other bands that have heard our name enough now that they’ll come check us out. Hoping to gain a bunch more Ballyhooligans out of the deal! Oh, and the whole ‘being on a cruise and partying in the Caribbean with 311 and a ton of cool people’ part isn’t going to suck.

That’s it guys! Don’t forget to check out our recap after the cruise. If our journalism isn’t enough for you, you can always join us. Buy tickets here.

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