They’re Supermodels! They’re MILFs! They’re Supermodel MILFs! [PHOTOS]

We’re sure your mom is really great, and it’s nice that you’re planning something special for her this Sunday. Or maybe you’ve forgotten this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. In that case, you should feel very bad. You’ll feel better once you check out these amazing pics of supermodels who double as MILFs. We’ve rounded up a mix of big names and rising stars. The one thing they all have in common is that they’ve given birth to a kid or two. Or three. Maybe even four. Also, they’re all still working as professional babes. Don’t worry, though. Your mom’s still really great, too.

Dutch model Doutzen Kroes became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2008. As part of company tradition, she was soon knocked-up by her DJ husband. Doutzen gave birth to her daughter in January of 2011, and seems to have recovered nicely.

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Eva Herzigova launched a million Wonderbras and then switched over to some maternity garb after getting impregnated by her longtime boyfriend. The couple has cultivated two kids since 2007–not that you’d notice.

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Do you know who was the 11th-highest paid model in the world back in 2007? Liya Kebede, an Ethiopian beauty who already had two kids back in 2005–and is currently best known for modeling the Lacoste sportings good line.

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This ravishing Russian gal is really built for hard labor–specifically, the labor pains of dropping three kids between 2001 and 2006. After the last one, Natalia Vodianova celebrated by becoming the 7th-most highly paid model in the world.

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She’ll be 60 years old in a couple of years, so maybe the real surprise is that Christie Brinkely isn’t a GILF. It’s still pretty shocking to see her today and realize she still looks like the ultimate supermodel.

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And to think that people used to worry about Kate Moss’ health. She’s been looking like her old self lately, but it’s baffling to think that Kate’s old self has been a MILF since 2002.

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Hey, did you know that Heidi Klum is married to Seal? Well, did you know she was already pregnant when she began dating her future ex-husband? She says it was Seal’s kid, but we don’t think she meant it literally. The important thing is that Klum has knocked out a grand total of four kids, and she still looks just like Heidi Klum.

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She’s a filthy-rich Socialist who dates multimillionaires, but that isn’t as amazing as being reminded that Elle Macpherson has been a working mother since 2003–and 1998!

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Many guys have dreamt of double-dipping with this stunning Brazilian gal–but Alessandra Ambrosio has her hubby seeing double after giving birth to two kids over the past five years.

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What the hell is in the water over at Victoria’s Secret? Miranda Kerr was already pregnant when she walked down the aisle with lucky bastard Orlando Bloom back in 2010.

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Camila Alves announced her engagement to Matthew McConaughey this past Christmas, but this designer/fashion model/television host already has two kids courtesy of her longtime boyfriend–which makes her a mother/fiancée/MILF.

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Canada’s most glamorous model didn’t become a mom until she was over 40 years old–and she had to fight in court to get child support from the millionaire baby-daddy. Fortunately, the Linda Evangelista was able to stay busy by signing an extended contract with L’Oreal Paris in 2007, before going on to be featured in the next year’s Prada campaign.

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Let’s hear it for yoga, which seems to be Christy Turlington’s secret to being a supermodel after having two kids since 2006–both with actor/director Ed Burns, who managed to survive three years of an on-again/off-again engagement. Christy was already pregnant with his kid when she finally walked down the aisle in 2003.

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Plenty of actresses are hot working moms, but don’t forget that Milla Jovovich has been a MILF since 2007–which was just around when she committed to being the face (and bod) of a Spanish clothing line.

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Niki Taylor knocked out her twin kids way back in 1994–and still went into 1996 as one of America’s most successful models. She even showed up in the 1996 and 1997 Swimsuit Issues of Sports Illustrated.

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Karolina Kurkova is a former Victoria’s Secret model, but this Czech beauty had already left the Angels line-up before getting pregnant in 2009.  That’s not how most Victoria’s Secret models do things.

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You can’t be one of the Real Housewives of New York City without some kids, so it’s no shocker to learn that Kelly Binsimon is a MILF. Well, it’s still a shock if you saw Kelly’s 2010 layout in Playboy, where she sure didn’t look like she’d had two kids.

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What kind of guy gets to turn Amber Valetta into an honest MILF? A former Olympic volleyball player–and Amber’s career sure hasn’t suffered since giving birth to her son back in 2000.

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She’s a model, a businesswoman, and a MILF three times over–which is really impressive when you consider that Claudia Schiffer is the rare model who’s had all her kids with the same guy. It’s a showbiz marriage, too, since the supermom is married to the director of X-Men: First Class.

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All hail the new breed of superhuman spawned by Gisele Bundchen and her husband–who just happens to be New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The kid was born in 2009, and Gisele was back gracing eight Vogue covers in 2011 alone.

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The Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima has been showing off her bangin’ bod for Victoria’s Secret since 2000–and she’s been a mom since 2009. In fact, Adrian likes it so much that she was able to announce that she was pregnant again this past March.

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Stephanie Seymour didn’t always have the best taste in men, but she kept stepping as a supermodel even after becoming a MILF in 1991. Then she staying busy as one of the sexiest women on the planet while getting pregnant three more times–which has her tied with Heidi Klum as the most fertile femme on the scene.

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