THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: New Video, and Best Look Yet At The Lizard

Check out this promotional video for The Amazing Spider-Man, and see more of The Lizard than they’ve ever shown in the trailers! But first–a young hippie gave us a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #6 on the street a few years ago, and that was kind of cool. He said he just liked giving things to people. (That issue’s current estimated value: $1,237.00.) The thing is, we know that The Lizard didn’t originally have a long snout. We still want The Lizard in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie to have a lab coat and look more like a damn lizard. Specifically, we want it to look like the action figure we have on our desk. The reason the action figure looks like that is because that’s what comic-books fans know that the Lizard looks like! Anyway, here’s the new Lizard. We still have mixed emotions about this, but you can be sure we’re wrangling our way into the first screening we can manage….

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