15 Things #GrandTheftAutoTaughtMe

It’s strange to us why the ESRB would want to prevent children from playing the Grand Theft Auto games; there’s clearly so much learning that can occur. The likes of CJ Watson, Tommy Vercetti, and Nico Bellic have a lot to teach in terms of negotiating refunds from hookers, magical haircuts, wheelies, and being a jack of all trades. You might want to skip their lessons on swimming, though. To see some of the most educashunal stuff found in the GTA series, check out Twitter’s favorite lessons from the storied series. [The “photos” below are actually just screenshots from Twitter, so either click on the “view gallery” button or the thumbnails. Your choice.]

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1 thought on “15 Things #GrandTheftAutoTaughtMe”

  1. "The likes of CJ Watson, Tommy Vercetti, and Nico Bellic"

    CJ Johnson, not Watson and Niko Bellic, at least you got Tommy's name right

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