COED Staff Survey: Roommate Horror Stories

Are there any good roommate stories? Well, probably a few. It’s still easier to get the COED staff talking about horrible roommate experiences. We’ve lived with miserable people ranging from boarding schools (posh!) to college dorms (typical) to grown-up apartments. Some stories are worse than others. Some are pretty horrible. One of them would make a good adult film. (We’ve got gals working here, too, y’know.) The important thing is that some of us don’t have to live with roommates anymore, and now we get to feel all smug and superior over the people here who still have to put up with that crap. We’ll use any excuse to feel better about ourselves. We’re COED employees. Oh, and… [DISCLAIMER: None of the quotes below were said (or said about) any person pictured here. We’re sure anyone shown here would make a great roommate, or has terrific taste in roommates.]  [image credit:]

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