Gregg Allmann’s Manhattan Book Signing: What We Overheard

How popular are the Allman Brothers in New York City? Popular enough to play about ten shows every March at the Beacon Theatre. That’s why we went to Gregg Allman’s appearance today at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan, but didn’t write down any stupid comments about rednecks taking over Union Square. Instead, we just enjoyed the spectacle of fans gathering to see their hero promote his new book called My Cross to Bear. It wasn’t a book reading, though. A gracious B&N employee carefully explained that Gregg would just be signing books. She also seemed worried that the crowd was going to rough up the rock star. “Don’t kill your idol,” she nervously laughed. She didn’t have to worry. The fans were adoring–but not everyone at the store felt the same way. Now it’s time to let Gregg’s smiling face guide you through 14 Things We Overheard at the Gregg Allman Book Signing…  [image credit: toledo blade]

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