Early Apple Computer Could Fetch $240,000

Want to buy the most expensive personal computer in the world? It will cost you a projected $240,000 – and has less memory than your cell phone with no access to the Internet. The Apple I was first launched in 1976. Only a half-dozen of the original 200 Apple 1s are still bootable.  Sotheby’s auction house is putting this relic on the block in November. According to the San Jose Mercury:

“This one’s not only working, but it has all the original accessories that are often missing when an Apple-1 turns up,” said Selby Kiffer, the Sotheby’s veteran who’ll be wielding the gavel in New York the morning of June 15.

“We’re particularly excited by the fact that it comes with the original operations manual. It’s only 12 pages long and it doesn’t look very important. But it’s special because this will include everything you could have bought back in 1976.”

Steve Jobs was still a badass – even back in the ’70’s. Check out his classic launch of the legendary “1984” Apple commercial:


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