PIRANHA 3DD: Stocked With Stacked Babes–Tabitha Taylor, Irina Voronina, and More! [PHOTOS]

How do you follow up the trashy greatness of Piranha 3D? You go bigger with Piranha 3DD–featuring a water park where the owner proclaims, “Double-D’s get in free!” He’s giving away a lot of free passes, too. The cast of Piranha 3DD is packed with amazing babes filling up the screen with their amazing bods! In fact, the movie is so packed that a lot of the film’s hottest gals don’t even get billing. We still strained our eyes to catch every face in the film, and found five fabulous Piranha 3DD hotties that make this movie a must-see. Check out the aquatic shapes of these curvy nymphs–and be glad that nobody told Tabitha Taylor, Marta ZolynskaElise NealJacqueline MacInnes Wood, and Irina Voronina to stay out of the water!

You know that Piranha 3DD is bringing out the talent when Tabitha Taylor shows up in the cast! This exotic Hawaiian gal has brought her assets to all kinds of outrageous movies, from her debut in Dude, Where’s My Car? to playing a porn star in Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. Tabitha’s still best known as a model, but that’s not because of her acting. Just check out her other outstanding talents…

Marta Zolynska also works as “Mia Hope,” and we’re hoping to see more of her under any name. She also occasionally just bills herself as “Marta”–and that’s all the introduction we need to this beautiful blonde. This amazing European babe has still already gotten plenty of exposure on television shows like Entourage and CSI. You still haven’t lived until you’ve seen her exposed in 3D!

She doesn’t get a credit in Piranha 3DD, but Elise Neal is one of the movie’s most experienced actresses. She’s even been around enough to appear on an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Elise has come close to stardom a few times (including a great turn in Hustle & Flow) so it’s a shock to see her sneaking into the cast of Piranha 3DD. It’s less of a shock to see Elise showing off some curves built for the big screen!

Horror fans will already recognize Jacqueline MacInnes Wood from Final Destination 5, where things went wrong for her (in 3D!) during some laser eye surgery. She skips the billing for what counts as a fun cameo for Piranha 3DD. We’re happy to see Jacqueline again in any dimension–although we don’t mind watching her as “Steffy Forrester” on The Bold and the Beautiful. Did you know she signed the annulment papers?

We’re certainly not saving the least for last with Irina Voronina. Her character in Piranha 3DD even has a name! (She plays Kiki.) Irina’s been pretty much unforgettable ever since showing up as Playboy‘s Miss January in 2001. It’s been a busy decade ever since for Irina, including a stint as the 2008 St Pauli Girl. There is no higher honor–except maybe that appearance in Piranha 3DD. Check out one last bod that’ll be filling the seats…

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