Drug Smuggling Tips – Direct From The Pros!

 In, Drug Smuggling-The Forbidden Book, (penned by K. Hawkeye Gross) there are plenty of drug smuggling tips by someone who has been on the inside of the business for sixteen years and has made most of the mistakes there are to make. If any COED readers are playing on doing some “drug smuggling” this summer, learn from Mr. Hawkeye Gross’ expertise. Most importantly, don’t end up with an extended stay at the Bangkok Hilton. As long as there are drugs, there will be “drug smuggling.” Now – on with the tips!


Have an attitude for “adventure.” Drug smuggling is a sure-fire way to beat boredom. Also, make sure your attitude is positive: if life gives a drug smuggler lemons, they surely should make drug smuggler lemonade!


To start, you’ll need a proper landing strip for your drug smuggling plane. Along with that, be sure to purchase walkie-talkies, security devices, and radar detection equipment. Most importantly, remember, no guns! You will win your smuggling battle by doing your homework and being prepared, not by shooting it out with the law enforcement. Plus, if you’re caught with a gun in many countries, your sentence will be enhanced


The most important thing to think about when you try to get your drug smuggling gang together are:

a)If you give someone an opportunity to become involved with drug smuggling, they should be the type of person to accept the lifestyle.

b)If things go wrong and people are arrested, members of your gang should not opt to save their own butts by cooperating with the law.

c)Make sure that one member of your gang wears an eye-patch, has a festering stump for a leg, and is a whiz at origami.


A source is the person in the particular country who actually gets the drug load together to be smuggled into the United States.

a)Do not find this person in the United States. Go directly to the country which drugs will be smuggled from.

b)Whilst in the country, check into the nicest hotel, slip the bartender $100 and ask where you can find some to supply you with drugs.

c)Go directly to the police! Why? In drug source countries, the police are on the side of the drug trade and can be bribed. So next time you’re in Mexico, be sure to bribe a cop, ask where you can find drugs, and see where that takes you.

So good luck and have good, healthy fun with your drug smuggling experience, and remember, if you’re caught, good luck being someone’s bitch in prison.


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