Kristen Renton [See Her Tonight on THE GLADES]

Kristen Renton heats up The Glades

(9 pm EST, A&E)

We’ll be monitoring tonight’s MTV Movie Awards, but we’ll also be checking in on the season opener for The Glades. The clever A&E crime drama is doing some smart counter-programming by bringing in Kristen Renton as the gorgeous wife of a dead guy who might  have been abducted by aliens. The aliens sound like fun, but we’re serious about any chance to check out Kristen. She wasn’t appreciated as a soap star on Days of Our Lives, but the brainy blonde found a more challenging role as aspiring lesbian Summer on the Hulu series Strictly Sexual. Kristen then built a real following as porn star Ima Tite on Sons of Anarchy. Everyone’s hoping to see her back on that show, but we’ll settle for this hot guest appearance that’s sure to stir up a cosmic disturbance in our pants! Of course we also maintain a close encounter via Kristen’s Twitter feed…   [image credit: ign]

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