Who Should Be Miss COED May 2012? [POLL + PHOTOS]

If you’re a fan of Miss COED, you’ll have to agree that the month of May was amazing. Not only did we have the chance to show our readers some especially good-looking women, we also unveiled the first Miss COED of the Year photoshoot with Ashley Salazar. Those photos are a great example of why the voting aspect of Miss COED is so important; why wouldn’t you want your favorite girls to get their very own exclusive photoshoot? This month’s voting is going to be more than a little tough, but someone needs to step up. Make ┬ásure to get all your votes in by 12:01 EST on June 10th. Until then, make sure to check out the hottest competition below.

If you need a quick “refresher” as to what each girl looks like, click their photos to see their original miss coed profiles

Left to right: Nica McCloud, Katy Moakley, Coli H

Left to right: Mickylou Richards, Seanise Haskins, Krystal Love

Left to right: Shay Diggs, Aiko Christine, Elle Bridges

Left to right: Annie Tagye, J Lynne Harris, Alisha Louise

Maegen Bowman, Adina Austin, Kyra Transtrum

Left to right: Rachel Mullins, Lyka Riese, Caitlin Lee

Maci Hidalgo

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Who Should Be Miss COED April 2012? [POLL]
Who Should Be Miss COED April 2012? [POLL]