COED Staff Survey: Bad Things In Good Movies

What’s worse than a bad movie? A good movie that gets suddenly ruined by one bad scene–or some stupid casting, or just one lousy detail that completely derails the film experience and reminds you that you’re sitting in a room with a bunch of idiots who didn’t notice the one thing in the movie that’s clearly wrong! It’s damn frustrating. We’d rather be surrounded by screaming kids and people chatting about dental work on their cell phones. Here are ten amazingly idiotic things in movies that pretty much ruined our filmgoing experience. We didn’t rant out loud in the movie theater at the time, of course. We’re too classy for that. Besides, nobody would’ve heard us over the screaming kids and people chatting on cell phones.

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  1. "The Living Daylights" is the name of a short story by Fleming. The line in the film is used in the story.

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