The 8 Least Sexy Things Men Don’t Like About Women

Ladies, I know that you’re all feeling pretty good about yourselves after last week’s piece about the 10 Sexiest Things Men Like About Women, but don’t start getting too cocky on us. It’s only fair that we point out the good and the bad… if only so that you can take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. At the very least, this list gives you only a few things to watch out for that a few of your lady friends are too ignorant to see. And before all the feminazis go all up in arms (which are hopefully shaved) about this, please remember that we did make this list of things we dislike shorter than the things we like. So, without further ado:



5 thoughts on “The 8 Least Sexy Things Men Don’t Like About Women”

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  2. laughingfish13

    If it helps, I'm a chick and I won't accept duckface on guys, either. Just say no to duckface!

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