Adam Sandler’s Hall of Babes: Serious Beauties Who Got In On The Fun

There are a lot of reasons to go see Adam Sandler’s films. One of our favorites is his leading ladies. The daring comic hasn’t been shy about surrounding himself with all kinds of luscious love interests. That’s actually part of a long comedic tradition. You ought to see the hot gals that Jerry Lewis used to put in his films. It’s also fun to see how many actresses manage to keep up with Sandler’s amazing antics. There’s a lot of inherent humor right there–but for now, let’s think about all the blatant sexiness. Check out this long look back at some of the women who’ve shared the screen with Sandler. We can promise you that they’ve got the talent to keep you looking….

Adam Sandler’s first big leading role was 1995’s Billy Madison, about an irresponsible grown man who’s reduced to going through elementary school to take over his father’s business. Who’d fall for a guy like that? As it turns out, it would be a stunning blonde elementary teacher played by Bridgette Wilson. It somehow made sense within the film–and thus began the parade of hot gals who just had to fall for the fearless leading man.

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People don’t remember that Adam Sandler had some tough years between the success of Billy Madison and his first megahit with 1998’s The Wedding Singer. It turned out that the public just wanted to see Sandler’s comic genius tempered with some sweet romance. This new-wave comedy redefined Sandler’s career, thanks to his incredible chemistry with Drew Barrymore–and they got back together for 2004’s 50 First Dates.
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Sandler grew up a little bit after The Wedding Singer with roles in Big Daddy and Punch-Drunk Love. Then he took over for Gary Cooper in a remake of the 1936 comedy Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. His own Mr. Deeds was a pretty big hit in 2002, with Sandler holding his own with leading lady Winona Ryder–whose role as a sweetly scheming reporter showed off some womanly wiles!
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He’d done some fine legitimate acting, but nobody was expecting Adam Sandler to pair off with Jack Nicholson on film. Anger Management ended up mostly reminding people that Nicholson is a great comic actor. Sandler also brought in an Oscar-winning love interest with Maria Tomei. Nobody needed to be reminded that she’s a total babe.
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By 2006’s Click, Adam Sandler didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He brought in English actress Kate Beckinsale as his wife for the supernatural comedy, and she seemed as natural in the suburbs as she did hunting down werewolves in the Underworld films.
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Adam Sandler marked 2007 with the finest acting of his career in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. That’s because he played a guy pretending to be in a gay marriage as part of an insurance scam–and he keeps up the charade even after Jessica Biel starts showing some romantic interest. We’d dump our husbands a lot faster for the joltin’ Jessica–not that we have husbands. Never even thought about it.
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Why would Adam Sandler play an Israeli Special Forces Soldier who fakes his death so he can begin a new life in New York City as a hair stylist? Maybe it was the best way for him to score some love scenes with the exotic Emmanuelle Chriqui. 2008’s You Don’t Mess with the Zohan didn’t make her a star, but you can see why we’re still expecting big things from Emmanuelle.
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Bedtime Stories was Sandler’s stab at working some family film territory. It wasn’t one of his bigger hits, but at least the 2008 comedy brought Keri Russell to the big screen as Sandler’s love interest. We were still hoping for things to get a little sexier. It’s called Bedtime Stories, you know.
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2010’s Grown Ups was supposed to be a sprawling ensemble comedy, with Sandler joined by frequent collaborators like David Spade and Rob Schneider. Salma Hayek still stood out as the fashion-designer wife of Sandler’s character. Salma showed off some impressive comedic skills–and, of course, her very serious bod!
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Adam Sandler hasn’t had much luck onscreen with Courteney Cox. She was his girlfriend in The Longest Yard, but he spent most of that film in prison. Then she showed up as his sister in Bedtime Stories. Sandler was able to get a lot more friendly with Jennifer Aniston in the 2011 hit Just Go With It. The tale of demented dating gave Jennifer a fun showcase for her comic timing. The beach scenes let her show off some other talents.
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You can debate if Adam Sandler is a comic genius. You should still give it up to the guy for knowing how to have a good time. Just Go With It had Jennifer Aniston as his love interest, but she was part of a triangle where Sandler was already scoring with Brooklyn Decker. That made for a historical double-decker in terms of comedians showing off they can take over the big screen with beautiful women. Jerry Lewis is probably still jealous.

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Amazingly enough, Adam Sandler doesn’t have a real love interest in the new That’s My Boy. He can take comfort in that he was married to Katie Holmes in last year’s Jack and Jill. The critics didn’t care for his gender-bending comedy, but Sandler keeps laughing to the bank–and we’ll keep banking on him mixing big laffs with beautiful women like this…
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