Melissa Stetten’s (@MelissaStetten) Hottest Mobile Uploads [32 PHOTOS]

Model Melissa Stetten made the news recently when she started live tweeting the actor Brian Presley hitting on her during a red eye flight. Why did she choose to do that? Because Brian was wearing a wedding ring, of course. Since she felt that he had lied about his marriage, Melissa decided to start ruing Brian’s life via Twitter. Tweeting from red eye planes isn’t the only thing this model uses the social network for, though. She also takes dozens of Instagram and Twitpics of herself. Since she decided to put herself in the spotlight via Twitter, it’s only fair that we make her more famous by showing you the photos from her newly-famous Twitter and Instagram accounts.

By the way, this isn’t the first time she’s blown up someone’s spot using the internet. A few months back she started dating Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony Show. After a few months, they decided to break up. On her own website, Melissa enumerated the reasons for the breakup to her audience that honestly might not have existed until this Twitter/Brian thing. “I had found out that while we were ‘in love’ talking on the phone everyday he had flown to Canada to fuck his ex and took a girl to a Paul McCartney concert.” “I found out his ex from Canada would send him emails full of naked pictures of herself, and he would send her money.” “He invited girls over when I was out of town.” “I found photos of another girlfriend he had a few years back who was also 17. She was emailing him photos of herself when she was 13/14/15 and had braces, what 50 year old man finds that appealing? A gross disgusting one.” Yeah, not saying the guy didn’t deserve it but… d*mn. That’s cold-blooded.


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  3. she isn't ugly at all, but she is just… well.. just sort of plain. nothing really special. Just another white skinny "aspiring actress" in NYC… aside from obviously being starved for attention and stuff. and thinking she's a "photographer" because she can take iPhone pics and give them an Instagram filter. lols.

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