Slayer Goes To Church and the Best Videos of the Day

What if the music of Slayer was played at gospel church services? Would church-goers standup and mosh in the aisles? We got the video that shows what would happen. Plus, Simon Pegg talks about his favorite Twitter prank, a huge group of girls, and a creepy song about a possessive girlfriend. These are your videos of the day. Stand up and scream!


Creepy GirlfriendĀ 

Let’s be glad she’s not our girlfriend. Make her stop.


Django Unchained Trailer

Quentin Tarantino’s done it again.


Slayer Goes To Church

Slayer mashed up with gospel church footage. Hilarity is the result.


Robot Dance

Really, it’s cooler than you think. Watch. Disturbingly perfect robot dance.


Simon Pegg Loves To Torture His Twitter Followers

Mr. Pegg retells his favorite Twitter pranks.


Space Shuttle Launch from Amazing Perspective

What human ingenuity can achieve up close and personal.


Huge Group of Girls

We’ve all seen this huge group of girls – wearing makeup and glitter.


Annoying Devil – Balls Of Steel

Best prank from the British quiz show. Never use a Port A Potty again.

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