“I’ll Have Another” Won’t Because He’s Been Scratched From Belmont Stakes

In today’s ironic horse name news, “I’ll Have Another” has been scratched from Saturday’s Bellmont Stakes race effectively ending his chance to actually “have another” and win the Triple Crown. The horse’s trainer, Doug O’Neill, made the announcement on the Dan Patrick show claiming that the horse had begun seeing the first signs of tendinitis in his leg. The good news is that I’ll Have Another will “be seeing a lot of mares and smoking a lot of cigarettes.” Sounds like a good deal to me.┬áBut what does that mean for the Triple Crown? Well, you’ll have to wait until next year to see if there’s another contender. For now, Affirmed holds the place of the last Triple Crown winner.

In related news, the college kids who plan on partying in the infield could give a f*ck who’s racing. They’re just there for the beers and pretty chicks in dresses.

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