Miley Cyrus Brings Her Underbutt and Pokeys Shopping [16 PHOTOS]

It wasn’t enough for Miley Cyrus to walk about town with an entourage of shopping assistants, she also felt the need to bring along some serious underbutt and pokeys. As my coworker recently pointed out to me, Miley needs to be pretty careful about her wardrobe choices; she’s seriously ruining her chances for a big paycheck from Playboy. You can’t just go off and give that stuff out for free. (saying that Miley’s a repeat offender when it comes to various stages of undress is the understatement of the year). To check out her newest underbutt sighting, peep the photos below!

Updates: We also found some pretty awesome photos of her on the set of Who Owns My Heart. And yes, she’s in her underwear.

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