Top 10 T-Shirts That Won’t Get You Laid

Look at the above slogan; you’ll never get laid wearing a T-shirt with that statement blazed across your chest – EVER!  It’s time for more “funny” T-shirts that will guarantee you never get laid. We frequently like to highlight T-shirts that you never seen worn by live human beings in real life – without irony. Want women to never speak to you again? Walk around with one of the “funny” T-shirts below and see much action that gets you; it’s a popular method of birth control. Gentlemen, start your engines, and prepare to never get laid!


11 thoughts on “Top 10 T-Shirts That Won’t Get You Laid”

  1. Burn the rain bow haha I'm pretty sure that'll get you laid in more places than you think.

  2. These are disgusting and wrong, but at least it labels the unintelligent sexist douche bags so we can avoid them.

  3. None of those are funny or clever, at all. Whoever made those shirts, if they were trying to be funny, has a terrible misunderstanding of comedy.

  4. I couldn't even make it through all of them. Plain disgusting, Delete this thing from the cypberspace please.

  5. WWhiteSShadow

    9 actually works very well. I had that shirt and got laid over 4 times. (probably because I was in the southern USA)

  6. Pretty sure these are meant to get the exact reaction that, judging by the comments section, they have been getting.

    Found them funny.

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