Mark Herzlich At The Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball Tournament In Belmar, NJ [INTERVIEW]

No, Mark Herzlich wasn’t there to play beach volleyball–it was his job to relax, soak in some rays, and embarrass every other guy who chose not to wear a shirt. For those of you who live under a rock, Mark was/is the incredible success story of an all-star football player diagnosed with cancer late in his college career. After defeating a serious form of bone cancer, Mark went on to play his final year at Boston College and then went on to become an signed, undrafted rookie for the New York Giants. Due to various injuries to the Giant’s LB core, Mark had to play much more than anyone would have expected. Clearly he did an amazing job because, you know, the Giants won the Super Bowl . Here’s what he had to say a few weeks before they begin their quest to repeat.

We interviewed JPP a few weeks ago and I asked him (because he’s still a little young in the league) about the rookies. Are you excited to have people carrying your bags now or no? Is that not something you guys do?

Mark Herzlich: I think we had four rookies in our linebacker room last year and there was only two upperclassmen so we were all carrying the bags and I still think that we’ll probably be carrying Boley’s and Kiwi’s bags even if we have some rookies. It’s part of it and it’s fun, you know? Our guys don’t really make us do too much bad stuff.

How’s your summer been, by the way?

It’s good! It’s been great. We just finished up with our mini camp last week so now we’re just getting a little time off. I’m trying to get around to do some golfing, some charity tournaments, and then hit the beach a little bit.

So what’s it like batting a 1.000 right now in the NFL? Coming straight in and winning a championship. Are you going to repeat?

Well I hope to bat 1.000 every year of my career, that’s always the hope and the goal. That’s not really a realistic goal but I’m happy that we did it the first year definitely.

Are you guys doing anything tonight? Partying?

No, I’ve got two English bulldog puppies at home that I need to take care of.

You think you could hang with the pros on the sand?

No. Not at all. I saw them play five games in a row and if I played for five minutes I’d be dying. We’re not used to running in sand. Cleats and turf, that’s what we’re used to.

One last question. Bear Pascoe. He’s gonna be able to do it right? We interviewed him at a Professional Bull Riding event earlier on in the year.

Yeah. He’ll be able to do it fine. We’ve got some other people at the TE position working in but you know Jake was a good buddy of mine and it was a shame that he got injured and that he’s with the Pats now. They’ll have a good player when he gets healthy.


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