Bronies: Are You A Bro Pony?

Are you a bronie? In case you don’t know: a bronie ( (“bro ponies”) involves grown men who are obsessed by My Little Pony – an animated TV show intended for a much (much) younger audience. (The plural form is brony.) You might think this is a miniscule group of fanboys captivated by a child’s cartoon about big-eyed unicorns and pegasuses. But that’s not the case; in the past week, bronie stories have been popping up on Wired and NPR. The Internet has fueled a bronie revolution.

Wired profiled Luke Allen – an out-of-work computer programmer (aren’t they always?) and bronie fanboy who loves his daily fix of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic:

“First we can’t believe this show is so good, then we can’t believe we’ve become fans for life, then we can’t believe we’re walking down the pink aisle at Toys R Us or asking for the girl’s toy in our Happy Meal,” Allen said. “Then we can’t believe our friends haven’t seen it yet, then we can’t believe they’re becoming bronies too.”

My Little Pony debuted on Hub TV last fall – attracting a growing number of male fanatics. Is their love of the show ironic or not ironic? Whatever it might be, a growing number of twenty- and thirtysomething dudes are creating pony art, posting YouTube fan videos, and feeding 4 chan threads (Ponychan).

Are you a bronie? Watch the fanboy video and decide!


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