Durant, Rose, and Griffin Are The New Faces Of NBA 2K13

Hot off of one the best match-ups ever seen in a recent NBA Finals, 2K Sports has already chosen their side in the Lebron-Durant debate by putting Durantula on the cover of the best NBA video game franchise ever made. Joining Kevin Durant on the cover of NBA 2K13 will be Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin, two All-Stars that I can’t help but think people have already forgotten. [Side note: I know that D-Rose might have to get his leg amputated or something, but NBA 2K12 if you’re listening: MAKE HIM ACTIVE IN THE F*CKING GAME. I’m so sick and tired of playing online against only the Heat or the Thunder.]

Last year’s three-part cover saw the likes of Jordan, Magic, and Bird so I’m unsure of whether or not there’s only going to be one edition of 2K13. Only time will tell. You can bet that I’m picking up the KD copy, though. Me and the Thunder need to make some noise down in Miami.

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