World Record of the Week: Guy Screams In Hilarious Agony

WARNING: The following video is extremely funny and is guaranteed to make you laugh. Please proceed with caution. NOTE: This guarantee is solely founded on the sense of humor of one man, so it is highly meaningless. Still proceed with caution though, as excessive belly laughing can lead to minor imperceptible injuries…

COED is pleased as punch to bring you RecordSetter’s World Record of the Week. Last week, we showcased, Dude Drills Power Drill Into Nose. Today, we have something even better: If you’ve ever wanted to see someone who’s NOT being murdered shriek loudly from bodily pain, then this is the video for you. Watch (with caution) as Brian Pankey – the world’s most prolific world record holder – sets the extremely specific world record for ‘Longest Time To Balance A Glass Of Water On A Broom In Each Hand While Standing On A Rola Bola’. You’ll never balance glasses of water on brooms while standing on a rola bola the same way again.


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