Sarah Tressler: Stripper Fired from Journalism Gig [INTERVIEW]

Sarah Tressler is fighting for her right to strip. Her former employer, The Houston Chronicle, fired Sarah for moonlighting as an exotic dancer–a move that has caused her to fire a complaint with the EEOC. The former high society columnist’s nighttime vocation was outed by snarky rival paper, The Houston Press. Once the story ran, Tressler was given her walking papers. We think she got a bum rap. Who doesn’t need a second job in this tanking economy? Have you seen the wages journalist make? Need to mention – the last we checked, stripping isn’t an illegal occupation.

Being fired from her hometown paper wasn’t all bad: Tressler has a new e-book out called, Diary of an Angry Stripper.  She’s currently on a national tour; where she is signing books by day and dancing at strip clubs at night. COED caught up with Tressler to find out the inside scoop on stripping, getting fired, and why pole dancing is one hell of a great workout.


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