Cheap Date Tony: Sneaking Into Hotel Swimming Pools

It’s time to get wet. Cruising through the summer season, there are plenty of swimming pools just waiting for you to dive into – for free.  Maybe you don’t own a swimming pool? No need to worry; there’s always a hotel with a swimming pool nearby – no matter where you live.  Swimming is free as long as you act like a traveler and pop right into the pool.

A few rules: Don’t eat before you swim (you might get a cramp and cramps aren’t sexy). Bring suntan lotion (Coppertone 8 oz bottle = $7.42). It’s a great way to show your lady how much you care about her skin – and you get to rub lotion all over her body. (Mmmm.) Plus, you don’t want your woman to have skin damage because she may either get cancer or just look plain bad in a few years from ultraviolet rays.

Gentlemen, start your ladies and get ready to jump into the pool.

Total cost of date: $7.42


8 thoughts on “Cheap Date Tony: Sneaking Into Hotel Swimming Pools”

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  2. As long as they don't disturb others or cause too much trouble, I probably wouldn't mind having freeloaders like this splash around at the hotel pool. Then again, it can be tough to tell who's actually staying at the hotel or not.

  3. Hotels should really tighten up regarding freeloaders like this. Sure, they're mostly harmless, but there's always that off-chance that a trouble maker or two gets in and causes trouble for legitimate guests.

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