Chasty Ballesteros [See Her Tonight on THE NEWSROOM]

Chasty Ballesteros stirs up The Newsroom

(10 pm EST, HBO)

We know there’s controversial stuff going on with the new HBO series The Newsroom, but you have to give creator Aaron Sorkin credit for casting gals that transcend politics. For example, we proudly endorse the presence of the lovely Chasty Ballesteros–who’s playing a character called Tea, and there’s a party we’re looking to join. We first noticed Chasty’s chest in Final Destination 5 as a spa receptionist who we’d gladly follow through Death’s door. It was such a small role that we didn’t think we’d see her again. Then our geekery paid off when we discovered Chasty as an ass-kicking superbabe on the demonic Canadian show Divine. That was followed by Chasty stealing scenes in shows like How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds. She’s working more than ever, and Chasty’s shown off talents that nobody was expecting back when she started out pitching beer as The Kokanee Glacier Girl. (That’s part of the Labatt empire.) You’ll appreciate Chasty even more if you follow her on Twitter–but first check out these pics that’ll get you tilting a hot one to a true rising starlet…
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  3. Excellent news! A fantastic show already, made even better with the addition to the sweet, charming, funny and beautiful Chasty Ballesteros. I can't wait to see the episodes. Congratulations, Chasty! 🙂


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