The Great Russian High Heel-A-Thon 50 Meter Foot Race: Wipe-Out! [PICS + VIDEO!]

Glamour is still kind of a new idea to the people of Russia. Yes, there have certainly been plenty of amazingly sexy gals to emerge from the former Soviet Union, but a lot of people there remember when ladies had to barter cows just to buy some lipstick. Fortunately, the magazine Glamour has helped to recruit Russian gals into the life of fashion–mostly by sponsoring the annual High Heel-a-Thon Foot Race in Red Square. The only rule– at least for the race this past Saturday–is that contestants have to wear shoes with at least 2.5 inch heels for the 50 meter run. (The actual length of the race and minimum heel size has changed over the years.) A few gals try to get an edge by dressing down, but as you can see by these pics, some ladies really want to show off their glamorous instincts. We’re not sure how much of this is fun and how much of this is kinky. We just know we’re getting strange feelings about the blonde who did her ankles in plastic wrap. Maybe we should start paying more attention to the American version of this in New York City. It’s just that too many guys show up in competition there. Anyway, here are ladies wiping out on the tarmac in the name of fashion and Glamour–plus there’s video below from last year’s race! We hope you find this all inspiring (and we’re not judging in what way)…  [image credit: komonews]

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