Top X Games Wipeouts – Ouch!

As we speak, the X Games are going right now in Los Angeles. July is all about the celebration of action sports – where superstars from across the globe amaze fans with the most jaw-dropping, craziest, and downright nuttiest tricks of  all time. Whether you love BMX, skateboard, motorcross, or rally car racing, the X Games allows you to see the human body pushed….TO THE EXTREME!  (That sounds pretty cliche, doesn’t it?) And what would the X Games be without all the gnarliest crashes and wipeouts? These athletes often suffer serious carnage – leaving plenty of work for X Games doctors. Put on your crash helmet, because here’re the Top X Games Wipeouts – EVER!


Ronnie Faisst Crashes 360

A crash so nice – they showed it twice. Did it hurt? Yes.


Colin Mcrae Rolls Car in Rally @ x games 13 2007 

Rolling a car = Pain.


Danny Way, X Games 12 Big Air

Hey Danny! When getting big air, just remember, what goes up must come down…HARD!


Mark Monea X Games 2011 best trick wipeout

Awesome trick; very, very poor landing.


Summer X Games 07 FMX Cameraman Crash

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!


Worse Dirtbiking 2009 X-Games Crash

Don’t you hate when you’re riding a dirt bike in the X Games and another dirt bike lands on your head? Ouch!

Supermoto Crash

Is this event a cross between supermoto and gymnastics?


XGames Colin MaCrae Rally Car Crash

This is pure Dukes of Hazzard sh*t!


X-Games Sickest Crashes

Here you go; it’s just crash after crash after crash after crash. Pain follows. Sick!

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