Funny Lobster Dance–And Other Best Videos of the Day

Okay, this dog in a lobster costume has very little to do with our best videos of the day. (Though we did find it funny.) But watching someone completely freaking out while cooking a lobster in a pot of boiling water has got our funny bone doing–well, whatever funny bones do. That’s why we’re cooking up that lobster as our Video Pick of the Day. Also on the table: that annoying Gotye song, Breaking Bad: The Sitcom, and a fast Subaru goes up against the police. Watch and laugh–and if you’re not careful, you may learn something! These are our best videos of the day!


The Reason Why Certain People Don’t Eat Lobster

Her screams are the funniest. Someone set this to Benny Hill music.


That Gotye Song

Do you hate yourself for even singing this song?



Precision driving on the streets of San Francisco. Let’s get some air!


Oz The Great and Powerful — Official Disney Trailer

So that’s the¬† origins of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz? Let’s just hope there’re munchkins.


Breaking Bad as a Sitcom

Who knew that you only needed a laugh track for Breaking Bad? I like it so much better.


Voice Impressions of all 150 Pokemon Characters

Funny or annoying?

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

EuroLapse: Time-Lapse Video Shot Throughout Europe

Photographer David Smith created a beautiful time-lapse video using over 30,000 photos that documents the many cities that he visited throughout Europe.


Ghost Rider – Subaru vs. Police

A tuned Subaru toying with the police. Guess who wins?


Clear-n-Clean Side by Side

Now that’s one hell of a good plunger!


 Couple Meeting For First Time After Long Distance

After five years of building a relationship through video games, Facebook, and a webcam, we both get to see each other for the first time.

Summer Staycation: Holiday Without Leaving Home
Summer Staycation: Holiday Without Leaving Home