7 Sex Hacks To Getting Her Off Quickly [He Said/She Said]

Sure, sex can be about slow, romantic ‘making love’, but other times you just want to get the job done. Maybe you want to bang one out before the Yankee game, or just have a quickie before bedtime. That doesn’t sound very gentlemanly, but if you’re concerned about her pleasure too, it could almost be a sweet sentiment. Even though the general female consensus is that there are no quick, one-size-fits-all paths to pleasuring women, here are some speedy things that are guaranteed to get girls off. [lead image via Shutterstock]

Tip #1 – Ears: Ear nibbling/licking. It sounds gross but for some reason is super hot. Don’t just focus on the lobe, and don’t go too heavy on the teeth, ears are sensitive!

Tip #2 – Neck: Same with neck kissing. Such a quick, easy turn on.

Tip #3 – Slow Down: Sorry, sometimes to speed things up you have to go slow (does that make any sense?). Dedicate some time to foreplay and sex with be way more enjoyable, especially teasing and putting off sex until she really wants it.

Tip #4 – Dirty Talk: Not too much, and don’t get freaky until you know she likes it. A little bit of dirty talk can get girls off insanely fast if you do it right.

Tip #5 – Doggie: Change up the position. Girl on top is known for being great, but doggie tends to be a much speedier way to getting a girl off.

Tip #6 – Rhythm: Don’t just go hard and fast, it doesn’t always feel good. Change up rhythms but not too often, just suss out what she’s enjoying. Also never thrust in time to music – so. annoying.

Tip #7 – Ass Grab: It just feels really hot.

Written by Ellen Scott (she’s a girl so you can trust her)


4 thoughts on “7 Sex Hacks To Getting Her Off Quickly [He Said/She Said]”

  1. As God is my witness, Sammy Kinison (R.I.P.) was right… when you go down on her, lick the alphabet with your tongue. Never had a chick fail to multiple orgasm with this method. A word to the wise though… when her hips start bucking you might need to start bobbing your head to keep your tongue in line with her snatch. Good luck, guys!

  2. Doggie style does not get all women off. I've NEVER had the big O from doggie style. (Not saying some women don't, just that not all do) Honestly I've always thought doggie style was all about the guy. There's no clitoral stimulation and MOST women need that if they're gonna orgasm.

  3. I agree with the no oral comment. Very strange as most women love it. As for number one, no way, no how, no ever. I have had to tell my lovers in advance that licking, nibbling or blowing into my ears will guarantee everything comes to a grinding halt. Remember how as a child you hated it when other people stuck a wet finger in your ear? Well it feels like that, but worse <shudder>

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