Valerie Azlynn [See Her Tonight on SULLIVAN & SON]

Valerie Azlynn on Sullivan & Son

(10 pm EST, TBS)

Need a good reason to hang out at the bar on TBS’ new Sullivan & Son? We’ve got a few with the vivacious Valerie Azlynn. We’ve been waiting for a regular stint from Valerie ever since her short-lived stint on the doomed Welcome to the Captain–and now she’s gone from a bad hotel sitcom to a pretty great bar sitcom. In between, Valerie’s earned plenty of new fans with appearances on The Big Bang Theory and Mr. Sunshine. Actually, not many people saw Valerie in that Matthew Perry sitcom, but her scene as a Lingerie Football quarterback put plenty of pics on the internet! We were Valerie fans before all that, though, and are proud followers of Valerie on Twitter. She’s showing off more of her comedic talents tonight, but we’d like to hear more of her singing. We also wouldn’t mind seeing more of that sexy little scar on Valerie’s chest. Look closely for it in these hot pics below…

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