Jessy Schram [See Her Tonight on FALLING SKIES]

Jessy Schram on Falling Skies

(9 pm EST, TNT)

You don’t get a better hyphenate than actress-model-musician–and¬†Jessy Schram adds some sci-fi geekiness as she steps into a bigger role in this new season of Falling Skies. She was only a recurring character before, but now Jessy’s playing an extraterrestial spokesperson and vital part of the alien-invasion plot. That’s in addition to her couple of turns as a spunky Cinderella in the ABC fantasy series Once Upon A Time. The Skokie, Illinois native has done¬†really well with her girl-next-door looks, with Jessy even hitting the big screen with a role in the 2010 runaway-train thriller Unstoppable. (She also got sexy with an early direct-to-video turn in 2006’s American Pie Present: The Naked Mile.) Now she might be working three television series at once, as Jessy’s joined the cast of the upcoming nuclear drama Last Resort. Follow all of her action on Twitter, and tune in tonight–but first, check out these pics that show off some very wholesome hotness!
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