Dark Side of the Rainbow—And Other Best Videos of the Day

Have you ever wondered about the movie Wizard of Oz synced up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? It’s one of those stoner urban legends you hear about on shows like Freaks and Geeks. Now, we have video proof of how it works – and that’s why it’s one of our videos of the day. Also up: a remix of London’s mayor welcoming people to the Olympics, one man’s Lord of the Rings, and how to be a douche. Check them out, friends…

Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome

Remix of London mayor Boris Johnson with an Olympic welcome message.


One-Man Lord of the Rings Video

All the Lord of the Rings performed by one man in minutes.


DirecTV-Spot with Monty Python’s John Cleese

John Cleese, DirecTV, and an absurd series of scenes.


Musical History of Wooing Women

A musical version of how it’s been done through history.


Against Me! – Thrash Unreal

Check out their video!


How To Shop Like A Douche

Some fine young morons go shopping.


Dark Side of the Rainbow

For those who’ve wondered about Wizard of Oz synced with Dark Side of the Moon

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