Hipsters Ironically Go To Applebee’s—And Other Best Videos of the Day

What if Applebee’s geared their menu to hipsters who go there ironically? The Onion presents an ad campaign centered on potential customers ready eat at the restaurant chain with the sole intent of being snarky. This fine video is one of our picks of the day. What else is in store? We have a raccoon trying to fix a car, a giant Sprite machine that acts as a shower, and female body builders who are built like superheros. Kill some time. Check it out. These are our video picks of the day!


Raccoon Mechanic Reporting for Duty

I like when raccoons fix cars!


Hipsters Go To Applebee’s—Ironically!

It’s more fun when you go to a crappy restaurant with irony!


Beach Shower That Looks Like Giant Sprite Machine

Don’t try the giant Sprite golden shower.


MakerBot Mixtape

It looks retro, but it’s actually a digital device to share music.


Female Superhero Bodies

Now this is the body of a female superhero!


Social Media Dystopia

Ever worry about posting too much on social media? This will scare you!

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