Sullivan & Son Presents: Dream Bar Sweepstakes [CONTEST]

Want to win a $100,000 towards the bar of your dreams? Go to and enter the new TBS show Sullivan & Son “Take the Bar Exam” sweepstakes. Sullivan & Son is a new TBS comedy from executive producer Vince Vaughn starring Steve Byrne, about a guy, his bar, and the friends THAT HANG OUT THERE.

“How does this marketing spiel relate to me?” you ask. Well, because TBS is giving you a chance to follow in Steve’s footsteps by winning $100,000 in cash (THAT’S RIGHT!) towards the bar of your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Go “Take the Bar Exam” and test your knowledge on the show, the practice of law, beverage science and general neighborhood bar culture for your shot at the prize. Don’t forget to pull up a barstool on Thursdays 10/9c, and get to know Steve and the regulars at Sullivan & Son only on TBS.

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