THE WATCH: In Theaters Today–And The Internet Has Spoken!

The Watch opens today, and it hasn’t had an easy time getting to the theaters. First, there was the Trayvon Martin killing making the news, which had the comedy changing its name from Neighborhood Watch. Then there was the weird marketing campaign that seemed to be trying to avoid that The Watch is a sc-fi comedy. The commercials are squeamish enough to make people think that Men in Black 3 had bombed at the box office. The best thing that The Watch seems to have going for it is that one of the stars played the funniest geek in the cult UK comedy show The IT Crowd. Maybe it would’ve helped that director Akiva Schaffer was behind a lot of Saturday Night Live‘s Digital Shorts, but he lost his cool with the disappointment of 2007’s Hot Rod. The critics seem to have their knifes out, but we care more about the common man. Specifically, the common man (or woman) making comments on the internet. Here are eight observations with the spelling cleaned up—but we can’t guarantee one of them isn’t a desperate corporate plant posing as a regular guy writing rave reviews…

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