The 5 Hottest Female World Leaders

History has proven that women make just as good leaders as men. In tropical countries, or locales near the equator,  these women world leaders are also hot leaders. Despite advances in air conditioning around most of the globe, some countries are still generally uncomfortable to hang around in – especially during the summer months. But a little sweltering doesn’t stop these ladies from stimulating economies and reaching across aisles.

So come around the world in 5 clicks with us as we reveal the female world leaders who are almost definitely very warm in their presidential attire. These ladies are super hot and great at giving head… of state!


2 thoughts on “The 5 Hottest Female World Leaders”

  1. You are crazy

    Is this a joke of an article? Have you even see the women you posted pictures of? Four of the five wouldn't look even doable after a case of beer?

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