11 Hottest Olympics Gymnasts You Can Watch Without Being A Creeper

They’ve got tight bods and graceful ways, so you’d think that the gymnasts at the 2012 Olympics would be some of the sexiest gals at the Games. Too bad that most of them are about 16 years old. It seems you have to start out young to compete in that field. Fortunately, there are older veterans out to prove that their beautiful bods can stand up to years of taking a beating. Here are eleven top competitors ranging from barely-legal to veteran status. One of them has even hit the ripe old age of 27 years! It’s great to see that this Olympian category has a few gals who we can ogle alongside the ladies of Argentina, or the USA soccer team, or the sexiest Australian Olympians. Now check out these champions that’ll get you contorting…

This 24-year-old gal started out as one of Romania’s top gymnasts, and became a world champion after winning three gold medals in the 2004 Summer Games. That heart surgery from last year doesn’t seem to have slowed her down, either.

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She’s a veteran competitor at the age of 24, and has returned to the Games as the former 2008 Olympic Floor Champion. She’s helped the Romanian team qualify in fourth place in the finals—and also qualified to the all-around final as an individual.

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This is the second Olympics for this 24-year-old Russian gal, and Ksenia can’t be underrated. She won the 2011 floor exercise competition in the World Championships—and had only made it to the finals after two other competitors had dropped out from injuries!

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Nobody’s surprised to see this 18-year-old Swiss gal qualifying for the 2012 individual all-around finals. This is still Giulia’s first Olympics, but she’s already walked away with the bronze in this year’s European Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

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She’s endured a lot of injuries over her career, but this 23-year-old Englishwoman has always come back strong—and helped bring the British team to this year’s sixth place finish.

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This 18-year-old is the captain of the gold medal-winning US Gymnastics team at the 2012 Games—and Sports Illustrated sure picked a winner when they chose her squad as the first entire Olympic gymnastics team to ever be featured on the magazine’s cover! Aly also did very well for herself outside the team, as she qualified in second place for the individual all-around.

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She was born in Signapore, but 22-year-old Hannah is a bold British gal who was the youngest member of the 2008 Olympics team. She’s competing at the Olympics fresh off a bronze win on the balance beams at the European Championships.

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This Canadian gal is about to become a Southern gal after making her debut at this year’s Games. She’ll be attending the University of Georgia and competing as a member of the college’s Georgia Gym Dogs.

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She’s a veteran at 21, but Italian beauty Vanessa hits London with the highest (informal) score off the Olympics qualifying rounds—and that’s after being part of a gold-medal team at the 2012 Olympic Test Event.

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This Polish gal is 25 years old, and already has a long history of being a top competitor. Nobody’s surprised she’s at London after winning as Polish all-around champion in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

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This gal has become one of Britain’s favorite competitors, and remains the only gymnast to ever make the short list for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. The 27-year-old is making life harder for younger gymnasts, too, as she’s added an extra full twist to her dismount on the uneven bars.

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