The 12 Sexiest Heptathletes To Watch At The London Olympic Games [PHOTOS]

Not everything is equal at the Olympics. For example, men compete in the decathlon while the women of track and field take on the heptathlon. That’s still a pretty tough event. The heptathletes (that’s what they’re called) have to do 100m hurdles, the high jump, a shot put, a long jump, a javelin throw, and more. Check out these amazing Olympians, though, and you’ll see that a tough event doesn’t make for a tough woman. These gals have beautifully built bods that are physically fit and ready to endure some serious action. These awesome athletes who have seven stirring ways to be champions…

Grit Sadeiko

This 23-year-old Estonian blonde has racked up plenty of honors while working her way up to her Olympics debut at the London Games—and if you like Grit, then you should also check out her heptathlete sister Grete.

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Jessica Ennis

She’s already been a heptathlete champion in Europe, and this 26-year-old is the record holder for the heptathlon in her native Great Britain. She’s even more intimidating as the current British record holder for the indoor pentathlon.

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Laura Ikauniece

Laura has a good chance at winning some gold for her Latvian homeland, as she’s coming to London off a personal best at the 2012 European Athletics Championships. That won her the bronze there, and the 20-year-old isn’t looking to slow down!

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Yana Maksimava

If there was a medal for Most Tattoos, then Yana would be some very serious competition. This tough 23-year-old is looking good as an Olympian, too, and is the best shot Belarus has ever had at taking the heptathlon gold.

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Louise Hazel

She’s only 26 years old, but Louise is already a veteran of international competition in heptathlons. She’s been competing on the world stage since 2006. She doesn’t have much of a shot at the gold, but this Great Britain beauty will definitely be winning new fans.

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Jessica Zelinka

This Canadian gal is also a pentathlete and hurdler, and comes to London after winning the silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. This determined 30-year-old is also in the lead for being the hottest MILF at the Games.

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Chantae McMillan

This American gal competed in track and field all through high school and college, and is finally heading to the Olympics at the age of 24. She’s on a roll, too, having qualified in the trials while setting her personal bests at the javelin, the 100-meter hurdle, the shot put, and more!

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Hyleas Fountain

She might be the oldest heptathlete competing, but this American gal is looking very good at 31 years old—and Hyleas is on a serious comeback trail as she continues to recover from some serious injuries in 2009.

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Hanna Melnychenko

It’s been a while since her last championships, but this 29-year-old Ukrainian competitor still looks to be in great shape!
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Ida Marcussen

She hasn’t been a stellar competitor, but this 24-year-old will be making Norway look beautiful while she’s competing in the heptathlon—and she’d sure make a hot comeback kid!

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Nataliya Dobrynska

They prefer all their heptathletes older in the Ukraine, and Nataliva is hitting the field at the age of 30—but she’s still one of her homeland’s top competitors, and is coming to London shortly after beating her own personal best at the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships.

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Sarah Cowley

28-year-old Sarah is coming to the heptathlon right after scoring her own personal best in the high jump at a 2012 competition in Austria. Now the New Zealander is going for the gold, and has a real advantage as possibly the best hurdler at the Games.

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